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Propane and Natural Gas Litigation/Fires and Explosions

The Firm represents propane and natural gas industries in defense of personal injury and large property damage suits both locally, in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Colombia, and nationally. We have experience defending all segments of the propane industry, including multi-state propane dealers, smaller regional or independent propane dealers, propane marketers, and equipment manufacturers. We have defended claims involving adequacy of employee training, including compliance with CETP, internal training programs, and various state certification requirements, compliance with gas checks or other similar company prescribed programs, “Out-of-gas” issues, equipment components of gas delivery system, including regulator, valves, and tanks, initial customer orientation and education, point-of-sale education and warning materials, and customer education and warning materials, adequacy of content and proof of delivery of consumer education materials and education and warning materials between segments of the propane industry, retailer’s response to complaints of odor, cylinder certification and filling operations, LP technician and consumer actions, operation and storage of portable propane-fueled heaters, defects and maintenance of propane-fueled appliances, leak testing and pressure testing of propane systems, odor fade issues, underground propane storage tank installation and maintenance, operation of propane delivery vehicles, including compliance with Department of Transportation regulations.

The Firm also represents building owners, tenants, commercial properties, restaurants and other businesses, in explosion and fire-related losses and matters that involve issues related to fire and safety codes, regulations and standards applicable to natural gas, and liquid propane.

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